Method CRM opens a world of possibilities

Back in October, I headed to Atlanta, GA for a Method:CRM Retreat to learn all about this intriguing product called Method:CRM.

I’d heard about Method at the Scaling New Heights conference that summer. Method:CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system to help you stay organized while you grow your business.

I had been testing out project management software for the past year, and had yet to find the silver bullet. I needed a tool to help track projects and keep tabs on clients activities. Enter Method:CRM.

At the Method Retreat, hosted by Joe Woodard and the Method:CRM corporate team, the first thing that struck me about this conference, was that the attendees were on a whole different level of smart. Now, of course, accountants are generally pretty smart people, but our presenter, Valbon Shabani of Method:CRM, was simply genius. I looked around the room and started to wonder if I was in over my head. Still, I couldn’t help thinking “What do these people know that I don’t know?” I decided to stick it out and see what I could learn. The short answer was…. A LOT!

A couple of days later, I left the training retreat, my head swimming with new ideas and possibilities for both me and my clients.

Over the next few months, I studied up for the Method Certification exam, and began using Method for my own practice. First, I synced with my QuickBooks company file, and instantly all my QuickBooks data was integrated with Method:CRM. Next, I began adding in client activities and tracking time, which conveniently syncs right back into QuickBooks. Next, I started entering and assigning cases. At first, it took some getting used to tracking all of my activities. Now, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I can see and manage all of my client and prospect data in one place. Method also syncs with Outlook and Smart-Vault. Now, instead of “Frankensteining” together a bunch of different software tools to manage my day, I just log into Method! In two words I would describe Method as amazing and powerful!

In the last few months, I have grown very attached to my Method:CRM software! Method helps me organize my company, track customer leads and marketing campaigns and keep records of conversions with customers. It allows me and my staff to have the full picture at our fingertips from any internet connection.

Most importantly, Method has given me the tools to manage my practice on a higher level, setting up workflows that suit my unique business. I’m able to easily track hours by client, and sync data directly into QuickBooks automatically! Method:CRM has simply transformed my practice.

While I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the true potential of Method:CRM, it has already made a positive, measurable difference in my practice.

Over the next year, I plan to practice and learn much more about this amazing and powerful too. My goal is to position Palm Beach Accounting and Financial Services LLC to provide Method:CRM consulting to our clients.

Stay tuned for updates! If you cannot wait to try Method:CRM for yourself, call me and I’ll connect you with the right folks at Method:CRM to get you started on a whole new level of smart and successful!

Do you know QBO?

The new QuickBooks Online training tour was in Ft. Lauderdale recently, teaching accountants about the benefits of working in the cloud.

Michelle Long and Hector Garcia hosted the Freedom in the Cloud training, explaining both the benefits of working on the cloud, as well as some of the cool new features of QuickBooks Online accounting software.

The great thing about QuickBooks Online, compared to the more familiar desktop version, is that using QBO, clients can truly collaborate with their accountants. With QBO, your data is always accessible, up to date, and secure.

Palm Beach Accounting and Financial Services, LLC is proud to support both QuickBooks desktop versions and the QuickBooks Online software.

Call us today to find out if the new QBO is right for you!


Michelle Long and Hector Garcia teach Freedom in the Cloud
Michelle Long and Hector Garcia teach Freedom in the Cloud